This combination of satin,georgette,it’s something like tulle,and lace materials is very good-looking and shiny comfortable dress..The top part of dress is blue,I choose my favourite colour,but there were so many various colours..This combination is ideal for some special cases,like wedding,New Year’s party,etc. .. so sparkly! 

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Coat(bunda) from sheepskin

Hello there! 🙌 Autumn is come and is already on our doorstep,so it’s time for jackets,coats (bunda’s).. you should have one in your closet! This is mine favourite coat (bunda) for these season,from capsized sheepskin,brown colour,it’s pretty heavy and heats,but that’s  what I call ‘good quality’.You can wear this in school,faculty,job,throw the town,at some nice ceremonies.Whenever you want.And you can combine it with skirt,jeans and so on..Enjoy this and recognize your style!

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Coat time

Good night’s pretty fresh outside,autumn knoks on our’s door,so coat time is come.. these lovely piece of clothes is necessary in your wardrobe for these season..and what is the greatest,you can combine it with jeans,tights and skirts for sure..and you can wear it in school,faculty,job,throw the town..choose your favorite colours and start with combining! 🙌🙌🍂🍁👘


Lady big hat style

Hello to everyone.🙌 Like I said in previosly post,here is a rainy day,but I wan’t let the rain change my mood,so I’m working on my blog and presenting you my outfits..summer isn’t over yet,I feels the summer vibes,too,and this big black hat from velvet reminds me on summer,but it’s ideal for autumn,winter and spring too,why not? 👒🌞🌊And lovely grey shirt with fringes on front side from polyamide.And of course,white earrings like fashion detail.I hope you like this,enjoy the blog and recognize your style! ☺💋💙💚


Celine Top shorty shirt

Hello,tonight I will present you one combination ideal for night out, concert,but you can wear this throw downtown,too,when weather is I really like this Celine’s top shorty shirt with hearty pattern,colourful,and you can combine it jeans,or shorts,skirt,tights and so on..I combine this with black tights,yeah.. and you can add some details,like nacklace,earrings..for better-looking combination! Enjoy then! 👄💙💚💛💜


My daily outfit

Hello,today I will present you my daily outfit,ideal for school,or downtown walk..I feel real comfort in this combination..I combined purple white colourful tunic from cotton with beige tights of cotton,polyester and elastine..and of course beige sandals of capsized skin..and for sure,white bow for better-looking combination..enjoy 💋💜


Striped world

Hello,tonight I will present you  striped tunic of cotton,relaxed combination, ideal for night out,walking throw the city or faculty,job..  I love striped clothes,and I wear this gladly,then you can wear this like dress,because the material-flexible. I combined it with black tights, and jewellery,for better looking outfit..I hope you like this,and recognize and find your own style.. 👄  


My Coca Cola Campaigne

Hello,these would be looks like my Coke campaigne.. 😊😀 What could be written on bottle? If I asked,that might be: ‘Let the bubbles take roller coaster journey’..It’s pretty interesting for me! So,I thope so you will like it too!I’m wearing black T-shirt of elastine and viscose with star pattern,and I’m wearing It here like top,that somehow looks better,and combine it with jeans,and black-white ceramic bracelet..I hope you enjoying in my blog,and style in first place.Enjoy these day,enjoy the Coke,too and recognize your imige! 💋